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Use this as a starting point to prepare for bringing home your new family member

We've learned through trial and error over the years raising these adorabulls. Preparing for your new addition can feel similar to expecting a new baby. There are a TON of gadgets and newfangled products being marketed to new puppy and dog owners. It can feel overwhelming and exciting at the same time. We hope to bring relief by sharing some of our most used and favorite products for our Frenchie clan. Feel free to message us with any of your favorites, too! We will happily add links here. Happy shopping!

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This is what your puppy has been eating

We've tried several high-quality kibble products for puppies over the years. Our current go-to is Victor Grain Free Active Dog and Puppy. The kibble size and formula is perfect for baby puppies and we recommend keeping your puppy on this formula for the first 4 months, at which point you may transition them to Victor High Energy for all life stages (linked below). Click link here:

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Transition your puppy to this at 4-5 months

Once your puppy is a bit older, he/she can handle the larger kibble size of this formula. We also like the breakdown of protein/fat ratios for your growing puppy. The grain free puppy food we start them on is a bit higher in protein, and Frenchies don't require a high protein feed through all life stages. This formula has 24% protein, and 20% fat, which works well for our Frenchies of all ages and stages. Click link here:

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Containment is key for a young pup

Bringing home a puppy comes with a large supervision requirement. Sometimes you'll need your puppy to have their "space" where they can be safely contained. It's a good idea to get your puppy used to a crate and playpen early on, as they will learn to love their safe "den." There are many options for playpens depending on your preferences and uses. I've included a couple options here, one metal and one plastic playpen.

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Washable waterproof pads come in handy

Puppies will chew the dreaded disposable pee pads, which is dangerous and can lead to a blockage if ingested. A great option for protecting floors, furniture or even for placing inside puppy's crate and playpen, are these washable, reusable waterproof pads. There are a ton of options and sizes to choose from. I love that there's even a size to protect our couches!

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Your puppy is trained to one of these 

Potty training is one of the biggest challenges for puppy families. Sometimes a transition period can be very helpful when adapting to having a new puppy in your home. A potty tray is a tool you may employ through the night or during times when your puppy is in their playpen unsupervised. We have already trained all our babies to this potty method, and you're welcome to use it as a tool for transitioning your new puppy into your daily routines. Please note the disposable pad MUST be placed entirely under the grate, to prevent puppy from chewing it.

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Immune booster for healthy gut and digestion

Just like humans, dogs benefit from a good probiotic to help with digestion and overall immune system support. We love and use both of these products for our Frenchies resulting in overall improved health. Be sure to follow the dosage instructions, as these are used sparingly and if stored properly, they last a while.

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An eye rinse is essential for preventing unnecessary eye infections

We've all heard the chatter about Frenchies and their "health issues." Seasonal allergies, dust, and dander will affect your Frenchie just like they can affect humans. A routine grooming protocol that includes eye care is essential to maintaining your French Bulldog's health. We love both of these products and use either of them (same ingredient, one is just a larger volume)  frequently and liberally to prevent eye boogies, pink irritation, and conjunctivitis. Eye irritation can lead to more severe issues, like cherry eye, largely preventable with minimal effort and maintenance.

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Sometimes an antibiotic ointment is necessary, and is available OTC in some regions, without prescription 

Your Frenchie may occasionally require an antibiotic ointment to treat an eye infection or injury from rough play. Terramycin is available OTC in some regions, and we always keep a couple of tubes on hand, just in case. I've included two links, and both products have the same active ingredient.

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This is a handy kit that includes several great eye-care products bundled

This kit is great for Frenchie parents who prefer an all-in-one approach. It would also make a great gift for your fellow Frenchie furrends!

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Ear care is essential

Your Frenchie's grooming routine should include frequent ear cleaning, and we love this product. It is super easy to use and if you start early with your puppy, they will tolerate routine cleaning, without much fuss.

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Chlorhexidine wipes work well to clean folds, wrinkles, paws and any external skin areas

We always keep a bottle of Chlorhex wipes on hand to clean our Frenchies. They work great for face wrinkles, armpits, toes, outside ear skin, etc. Click link here:

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What's a grooming routine without an occasional spa bath?

There are a few products we've fallen in love with to keep our Frenchies clean and smelling fresh enough to sleep under the sheets. Plum Silky ranks high on our list of favorite scents and leaves your Frenchie soft, silky and smelling fresh for days! Click link here:

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Great for in-between spa baths

This is a great option to use when your Frenchie needs a little sprucing up between bath days. I know our busy schedule doesn't always allow for a full spa experience, and this has saved us on many occasions! Click link here:

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