All of our dogs are used to being crated at night for sleep, or during times when we leave the house for errands and such. We NEVER leave them inside or outside roaming alone, or unsupervised for long periods of time. Most of our adults will require some level of housebreaking when they join their new families. Every adult will be altered prior to placement or come on spay/neuter contract in some circumstances. None of our adults are being placed with breeding rights.

We occasionally have young adults and retirees available for their forever pawfect fit families. Our program is built on a solid foundation of quality, healthy, happy dogs who live with us as our family members the whole time they're here. We eventually retire and rehome our adults (some have never been bred) to allow our program to grow at a healthy, happy pace. We are so appreciative of our expanding Superbulls network of retirement homes for our deserving pets! Without them, we wouldn't be able to continue raising and loving these babies to the fullest, in a small, home-based environment.



Male--DOB 10/24/2015

Guinness is a loving, happy and healthy boy. He has been a major part of our family since we brought him home as a baby. He is now neutered, retired from being a stud, and lives the lazy life on the couch. He'd love to be part of a family with kids, if possible, and he gets along with other dogs. He is not an alpha personality, and still has a lot of love to give! We will be super picky about his placement, and you must be local to the Knoxville area (within reasonable driving distance). Please submit our inquiry form for more details if you think Guinness may sound like your forever guy!



Male--DOB 3/27/20

Ziggy is a lovable, healthy boy. He will require a home without any other animals, and would be best suited for an owner who is able to provide him the companionship he desires. He is a very loving dog, and does great with children of all ages. He loves people, and just wants to be the center of attention. He doesn't need a ton of exercise, but enjoys being outside. He is a houdini and can escape most dog crates with ease, so this is also a consideration in his placement. He will need supervision, training and containment. We will be very particular in choosing his new family. Please submit all inquiries through our contact form if you're serious about learning more about whether Ziggy is your guy!

Lil Prince.jpg


Male--DOB 8/15/2020

Lil Prince is an adorable, small but thick little dude. He is full of love and life! He's a young stud prospect that we've decided to retire and find a forever, loving family for. He has been super healthy, never an issue, and loves everyone and everything. He will be a great addition for a family who prefers to skip the puppy stage, but still wants a pup at heart. He will require some housebreaking and is used to sleeping crated at night or when we're away for errands and such. Please inquire using our contact form if you'd like more details about how to be considered for Lil Prince.



Female--DOB 9/2/21

Daphne is one of the sweetest girls! She has a very mellow disposition and super loving temperament, overall. She is happy in any situation. She mainly loves to be held and snuggled, but is also fine to chill beside you or at your feet. She will make someone a very loving, loyal companion. She does have special needs, and will require a family that's able to provide her the unconditional love she deserves, special needs and all! If you think Daphne may be a fit for you, please message all serious inquiries through our contact form.

If you want to be added to our waitlist for future litters, please get in touch.